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Manufacturing Facilities and Processes

Equipment List


CAM-TOOL (3D CAD-CAM system) 4 licenses
Solidworks (3D CAD system) 5 licenses
CAM-PARTS (2.5D CAD system) 2 licenses
Solidworks drowing (2D CAD system) 5 licenses

Wooden CNC

Sapphire MC9 Machining dimension 1300x1300(mm) 1 unit manufactured by Shoda Ironworks
NC516-1321-Z6 Machining size 2100x1300(mm) 1 unit made by Shoda Ironworks
Sapphire MC8 Dimensions: 1000x1000(mm), manufactured by Shoda Ironworks, 1 unit
FJV-35/80 Machining size 2000x800(mm) Yamazaki Mazak 1 unit
Wooden CNC


MVR30EX Processing inch method 3200x3000x1500H(mm) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 1 unit
MVR30 Processing inch method 4200x3000x1500H(mm) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 1 unit
MVR25 Processing inch method 3200x2500x1500H(mm) Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
MV-65 Machining inch method 1524x650x650H(mm) Mori Seiki 1 set
MV-653 Machining inch method 1560x660x650H(mm) Mori Seiki 1 set
SV-50 Machining inch method 800x500x510H(mm) Mori Seiki 1 set

Measuring Instruments

Layout Machine 12ES (Digital Equipment α-300) Tokyo
Manufactured by Trade Techno System 1 unit
Optical Measuring Instrument ATOS: 1 unit


V Process Casting System Made by Sintokogio
Frame/Pattern standard (small) Effective area 1180x780(mm)
Frame/Pattern standard (medium) Effective area 1180x880(mm)
Frame/Pattern standard (Large) Effective area 1980x780(mm)
Melting furnace 250Kg Murano-made 2 units
Casting image 1 Casting image 2


Milling machine RUM-5 Processing dimensions 1300x770x350H(mm) 7 units manufactured by Roku-Roku Sangyo
Radial drilling machine Machining dimension 1100x1100x600H(mm) RE2-1300A/RE2-1450A/RE2-1600D Oya 4 units
Radial drilling machine 1100x1100x600H(mm) RMA-1500/RMA-1800 Ikeda Iron Works 2 units
NC Lathe Machine LCC-15 Okuma 1 unit
Molds image 1 Molds image 2

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