A mold maker
that challenges the future
with its experience
and new technology
We, mold makers,
create our customers' ideas
into shape.

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What We Can Do The services we offer

service 1

Foam resin mold design and manufacturing

Based on our 50 years of experience and know-how in foam resin mold manufacturing, we provide comprehensive support from design to manufacturing and delivery.

service 2

Design and manufacture of vacuum forming and heat press molds

We design molds to meet customer needs and provide products with short delivery times. We can also handle cases where drawings are not provided.

service 3

Design and production of foam resin prototypes

We can produce 3D data even from illustrations such as objects, event characters, and parts for cosplay.

service 4

Design and fabrication of inspection jigs and plugs

We can design and fabricate jigs for product inspection and assist plugs for vacuum forming molds.

service 5

Design of test and development equipment

We can fabricate the molds needed for research and development.

service 6

Human Resource Development and Consulting

We provide training (acceptance program) to overseas mold makers.

To what we can do for you

Our Mission Our envisioned future

Our Mission

Making Styrofoam More Accessible

We will continue to take on new challenges by learning from the past. We will continue to challenge not only domestically but also to capture foreign demand by utilizing our design know-how for manufacturing, productive manufacturing capabilities utilizing data, and precision manufacturing technology.

Recruitment Contribute to the progress
and development
of the local community, Utsunomiya.
We are looking for people
with a spirit of manufacturing.

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